Purchasing Terms & Conditions

Purchasing – Terms & Conditions (2018-01-15)

  1. Acknowledgment necessary. Any purchase order shall not be effective nor shall Olandsplast be obligated to pay any monies called for hereunder unless and until Supplier shall have supplied Olandsplast with a written acknowledgment and acceptance hereof. No conditions laid down by Supplier in accepting or acknowledging this order shall be effective if in conflict with the conditions herein stated unless such conditions are expressly accepted in writing by Olandsplast Enter this order in accordance with the prices, terms, delivery method, and specifications listed above.
  2. Standard to conform to specifications. The Supplier must ensure that the Goods are in accordance with and conform to any specifications, drawings, samples or other description (if any) furnished by the Buyer to the Supplier or as published on buyers procurement portal.
  3. Warranties. The Goods must:
    1. be fit for the purpose for which goods of the same kind are commonly supplied and any other purpose made known to the Supplier;
    2. be of merchantable quality and to be free from defect in material and workmanship;
    3. be in same quality as that sample the seller sent to Olandsplast (if any).
    4. be within tolerances stated by Olandsplast or published on the procurement protal.
  4. Inspection and return. All Goods are received subject to inspection within a reasonable time after delivery and before delivery at the Buyer’s discretion irrespective of date of payment. Signed delivery dockets do not mean acceptance by the Buyer of Goods delivered but only the number of packages or cartons delivered. The Buyer must promptly notify the Supplier of any defects appearing, and hold Goods so found to be defective for the Supplier’s instructions and at the Supplier’s risk for a reasonable period not exceeding 60 days. If the Supplier’s instructions are not received within that period, the Buyer may return the defective goods to the Supplier’s premises at the Supplier’s expense and risk and any expense incurred by the Buyer in such return is payable forthwith by the Supplier and may be set off by the Buyer against any moneys otherwise due by the Buyer to the Supplier. The Supplier shall allow the Buyer to inspect and test goods during manufacture, processing or storage but without releasing Supplier from any of its obligations.
  5. Inspection Certificate. A signed and dated inspection certificate is required stating when the goods were inspected, the purchase order that was inspected, who inspected the goods, and a statement certifying that goods were inspected and the quantities, quality and carton markings were found to be in compliance with Olandsplast requirements.
  6. Designs and specifications to be retained in confidence Any goods or work made or done according to the Buyer’s design or specifications or developed for the Buyer at the direction of the Buyer, or any original or copy designs or specifications supplied by the Buyer are held by the Supplier on the Buyer’s behalf and at the Buyer’s disposal and must not be disclosed or furnished to any other person, firm or government without the Buyer’s prior written consent. The Supplier must take all reasonable precautions to protect such confidentiality
  7. Advertising. The Supplier must not, without the Buyer’s prior written consent, in any manner advertise or publish the fact that the Supplier has contracted to the Buyer with regard to the Goods. This includes showing Olandsplast products to other customers or mention Olandsplast to other potential or active customer.
  8. Responsibility. The Goods are at the Supplier’s risk until delivered to the destination stated in this Order. Nothing in the conduct of the Buyer or the transfer of property in the goods (including delay that is or is not the fault of the Buyer or of any person who represents the Buyer) alters the incidence of risk under this clause
  9. Reference for documentation. Purchase Order No. must appear on correspondence, invoices, shipping notes, packing and on any documents or papers connected with the order.
  10. Packing costs and standard.
    1. The Supplier and any of its agents or suppliers must not make any charge to the Buyer for wrapping, packing or cartons unless authority for such charge is expressly incorporated in this Order.
    2. The Supplier must ensure that all Goods are suitably packed or otherwise prepared for shipment so as to secure the lowest transportation and insurance rates and in accordance with carriers’ requirements.
  11. Packing and Packaging.
  • Packaging. The purchase order number must appear on all shipping documents, Bills of Lading, Invoices, correspondence, and must be permanently marked on the outside of every              shipping container.
  • Packing List. Packing list must be completed for each Purchase Order Number and must be attached to the outside of a shipping container, and marked on all freight bills.
  • Carton Specification. At a minimum, all cartons must be at least 2 ply corrugated cartons. All merchandise must be packed in corrugated cartons with burst strength to endure the transit.
  • Size/Weight Limitations. The gross weight per carton is not to exceed 55 lbs (25 kg).
  • Banding When banding is used, it is to be secured around cartons. Proper banding ensures merchandise is not damages in transit.
  • Carton Markings. Supplier is required to mark each carton as specified in the specification or packing instruction.

12. Send all correspondence to:

Olandsplast AB
Storgatan 123
SE-386 35 Farjestaden,

   Phone: +46 485 69 00 00
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