Gusseted Bag on roll Units
Product number (Production) Number 1003-3L50  
Article Number (Olandsplast) Number 1003-3L50  
Description Text Gusseted plastic bags on roll for food packaging (3 – Liter)
Category Text Freezer bag  
Grade (Food, Industrial) Text Food  


Type of bag Gusset, Flat or T-Shirt Gusset
Roll/Loose or Tube (R, L or T) R,L or T Roll
Length (mm) (See “L”) mm 400
Open Width (mm)  (B + A + B) mm 250
Gusset (mm) (See “B”) mm 60
Flat Width (mm) mm 130
Thickness (mic) Micron 40
Number of bags per item pcs 50
Material (HD, LD) Grade 20% LDPE, 80% LLDPE
Recycled material allowed Yes/No No
Punch out size (If T-Shirt bag)                                 Width (mm) mm 0
High (mm) mm 0
Bag colour (Transp, White ect) Colour Transp
Pantom nbr (if masterbatch) Pantom nbr n/a
Weight per item (gram) Gram 336
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Printing on bag (Yes/No) Yes/No No  
Artwork for Printing Link    
PRODUCT PACKAGING                                                                                                                                                            ARTWORK (IF ANY)
Product Outerbag Yes/No No  
Product Outerbox Yes/No No  
Product Label/Gridle Yes/No No  
Product Packaging Instruction Link  



Critical Notes


  • Make sure the thickness is at least according to this specification or more.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Make sure the bag isn’t easy to tear in bags length direction.
  • Make sure the bag is easy to open.
  • Make sure the bags sealing is strong.
  • Make sure the perforation is designed to makes it easy to tear off one bag from the other without affecting quality.
  • For food graded bags, make sure there is no dust or dirt on, inside or attached to the product. ​​​​
  • For bags with handles, T-Shirt bags on roll, make sure the handles will be inside the roll and the bottom of the bag is at the outer end. (Bottom out first)
  • When masterbatch is used. The proportion of Master batch has to be as much as it requires to get a bag with almost no transparency.
  • Never mix different product numbers in the same carton.
  • All purchasing is under Terms & Conditions, Se Purchasing Terms & Conditions